Hi! My name is Javi.
I am a 

wedding photographer

. For me, being a wedding photographer doesn’t mean just taking beautiful pictures.
It means portraying the love, freedom and energy of every single couple I photograph. That’s why I don’t see my job as work, that’s why each one of my photoshoots is an adventure. Keep exploring and discover some of my favorite ones.


Ellie & Scott

Ellie and Scott finally decided to have their wedding at Almiral de la Font, because they had spent the first two years of their relationship in a nearby port. Scott is originally from New Zealand and Ellie is from the UK…

Eva & Kilian

Eva and Kilian have been spending the summer in Menorca for many years and they fantasized about how beautiful it would be to have their wedding in Menorca. When Kilian asked Eva to marry him, the two instantly thought …

Virro & Lola

When I met Virro and Lola, what most intrigued me was how a Mexican and a French woman who lived in Mexico City end up getting married in Mallorca. So, after a while, I asked them, and Lola didn’t hesitate with her answer: …

I want you to know that for me the highest priority is to create photographs that move you, and carry a special meaning. Photographs that you and your family will cherish for the rest of your lives.

This way, they will have your essence, your energy and, more than simple photos, they’ll tell the story of your adventure. And now that you know what’s important for me as a wedding photographer, I think it’s time for an introduction. Turn up the volume, press play and get to know me a little bit better.


I know that organizing a wedding takes a lot of time and effort. You will have to make a lot of decisions, not the least of which is choosing a wedding photographer. Probably you are not quite sure where to start, and maybe you’re afraid of making the wrong choice. That’s perfectly normal, I would feel the same. However, if you like my photos but you need a little extra push, maybe these testimonials from other couples will help you decide:

My fellow adventurers: