12 best venues and palaces for weddings in Asturias

Finding the best venues and palaces for weddings in Asturias can seem like a difficult task, since there are so many palaces and fincas to choose from that without visiting them it is very difficult to know which is the ideal place. The first step is to decide the type of wedding we want to have: How many guests are you going to be? If you want to do everything in the same place or not? If it is going to be civil ceremony or religious? If for you the exteriors or the interiors are more important? If you prefer to be able to choose the catering or do you care to take the kitchen of the place? Etc etc…

Resolving these details before beginning your search will help make things clearer.

En estos 10 años que llevo como fotógrafo de bodas en Asturias he trabajado en un montón de sitios y cada uno tiene sus puntos fuertes. Así que para haceros la búsqueda más fácil he decidido hacer este listado de los que para mi son algunos de las mejores fincas y palacios para bodas en Asturias.

Castiello de Selorio

Standing since the 17th century, this Asturian rustic house has an undeniable charm. It also has a wonderful glass gazebo that is ideal to celebrate your banquet. You are located between Villaviciosa and Lastres less than half an hour from Gijón.

Its garden is perfect for cocktails and it also has a space for your civil ceremony. If in addition to that we add that it has 9 rooms where you can accommodate your 18 guests, what more can we ask for?

Strong points: Has accommodation, arbour

Weaknesses: Exclusivity of catering, space for civil ceremony a little limited.

Palacio de Agüera

Perhaps the least known of all those on this list, but not for that reason to stop taking into account. Located near Grado, less than half an hour from Oviedo, this 17th century palace has the charm of an Asturian Palace and exteriors where your civil ceremony will be incredible.

It is also managed by Mar and Patrick, a wonderful couple who will do everything in their power to make your day great.

You have the option that any catering can go to cook there and make dinner both in the central patio and in the living room.

Strong points: Your views, freedom of choice catering

Weaknesses: Its situation, it can only host civil ceremonies, it has no accommodation

Palacio de la Concepción

Built at the beginning of the last century imitating the style of the great French Chateaux. Its location is unbeatable since it is in the Somió neighborhood on the outskirts of Gijón. Its large outdoor garden, the largest privately owned in Gijón, is perfect to celebrate a civil ceremony or to enjoy it during the cocktail.

On sunny days you can enjoy a wonderful sunset.

It is managed by the Deloya catering, so the quality of the food is assured.

Its great hall can host weddings of between 120 and 350 guests.

Strengths: Your views and your situation

Weaknesses: It can only host civil ceremonies, it has no accommodation

Palacio Conde Toreno

This palace dating from the 16th century is full of history, since in all these years it has been a convent, base of Napoleon’s troops….

Located in Malleza in the council of Salas, it is the furthest from Oviedo since it is about 50 minutes. That makes up for it with its wonderful views and facilities.

It has a chapel dating from the 13th century where you can celebrate your religious wedding and a pergola with wonderful views to do your civil ceremony.

It also has two rooms, one of which is for 120 people and the other for 250 guests, so it is very versatile.

It also has 14 rooms to accommodate your guests.

Strong points: its views, religious and civil ceremonies can be held, its two rooms

Weaknesses: Its location a bit far from the center of Asturias

Palacio de Cutre

For me, one of the places with the best views to get married in Asturias. This 16th century palace located in the council of Piloña, 45 minutes from Oviedo. Its exteriors are spectacular surrounded by nature and with impressive views of the Sierra del Sueve and the Picos de Europa. You can also get married in the shade of a majestic centennial oak. It has 18 rooms where you can accommodate your guests.

They take care of the kitchen themselves, putting a lot of care in everything they do.

Their living room is small, but they give you the possibility to increase it with a tent.

Strengths: Views and exteriors

Weaknesses: Small room, only civil ceremonies a bit far from the center of Asturias.

Palacio de La Riega

If you want to have your wedding in Gijón, this is for me the place with the best views. From its terrace you can enjoy an unparalleled sunset while you celebrate the cocktail with all of Gijón and its coast in the background.

In addition, as it is managed by the Manzano catering, you will have at your disposal a meal endorsed by 3 Michelin stars.

In its exteriors you can also celebrate your civil ceremony and if the time is twisted inside you also have the possibility of celebrating the ceremony.

Strengths: Your views and your situation

Weaknesses: It can only host civil ceremonies, it has no accommodation

Marques de Casa Estrada Palace

Located in Bimenes 20 minutes from Oviedo, surrounded by nature, this 17th century palace can host both civil ceremonies in its gardens and religious ceremonies in the consecrated chapel that is attached to the main building.

It has a rural house adjoining the building that can accommodate 15 people. Another important thing is that by having its own kitchen, any catering can go to prepare food there.

The meal can be held in the hall on the first floor or you even have the possibility to put a tent outside.

Palacio de Meres

This palace was built at the beginning of the 15th century and is one of the most prestigious and traditional in Asturias. Its location, just 10 minutes from Oviedo, makes it very accessible from all parts of the region

The palace, its gardens and the chapel (one of the largest private chapels in Spain) are historical heritage and have a unique charm.

Both religious and civil ceremonies can be held at its facilities, and you can also choose from the best caterings in our region to prepare food. Weddings of up to 400 guests can be held and arrangements can be made in the palace itself.

Strong points: Magnificent and well-kept facilities, Close to Oviedo, it can host both civil and religious weddings

Weaknesses: Not having a large room and that the guests are in several rooms.

Palacio de Rubianes

This ancient palace from the 17th century is located near the town of Cereceda in Piloña. When it was renovated, it was decided to turn it into a hotel so it has 23 rooms to accommodate your guests.

The indoor dining room is small, but they also have an outdoor marquee for larger weddings.

The civil ceremony can be held at the foot of the granary or inside the chapel. From the terrace where the cocktail is held, you have spectacular views of the Picos de Europa.

And if you add to all that, the apple catering is in the kitchens, it makes the score go up.

Strong points: Its views and that it has accommodation for your guests

Weaknesses: Its location a bit far from the center of Asturias and having to use a tent if there are many of you.

Palacio de Valdesoto.

Located in Valdesoto just 15 minutes from Oviedo, this 17th century palace has a wonderful 70,000 square meter garden where you can enjoy your wedding in style. It was declared a historical heritage in 2006

It has two independent buildings, one the palace itself where you can enjoy in its large patio both for the ceremony in case of bad weather or for the party and the other the old stables, renovated and converted into a wonderful room overlooking the French garden with capacity for 400 people.

This Palace is managed by the Royal Spa of Salinas so the gastronomic quality is more than assured.

The cocktail is held in the space between the two buildings and the civil ceremony can be held under the majestic tree or in any other part of the garden.

If you want a religious ceremony, this can be done in the church of San Félix, which is located 5 minutes walk from the Palace

Strong points: Good location near Oviedo, and very spacious room

Weaknesses: It has no accommodation, only civil ceremonies.

Rua 15

If you want to get married in Oviedo this is one of the best options since its location is unbeatable in front of the cathedral. This Gothic palace built 750 years ago is the oldest civil building in Oviedo.

Its interior garden is a marvel to do the civil ceremony, as well as the cocktail. It has a main hall and several adjacent ones that make it possible to host large weddings.

It also has 2 bedrooms and an apartment on the second floor where you can stay.

Strong points: Unbeatable location in the center of Oviedo, perfect interior garden for ceremonies, the cathedral right next door.

Weaknesses: Scarce accommodation although it is surrounded by hotels.

Strong points: Good situation, you can do both civil and religious ceremonies and has accommodation for your guests

Weaknesses: Not very spacious living room

Finca Villa María

This mansion located in the Somió neighborhood in Gijón is an authentic marvel both architecturally and for its wonderful gardens where you can celebrate your cocktail or ceremony.

But this palace stands out for something is for its wonderful place where you can celebrate your lunch and dinner, with a spectacular structure of exposed wooden beams and stone, along with the cider barrels.

Strong points: Good situation, and very nice and spacious room Weaknesses: Only civil ceremonies, no accommodation.


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