Finding a location for an adventure session is not an easy task. I had been hearing about this cave for some time located at the base of a cliff by the sea and which can only be accessed when the tide is low. As they said it was impressive, there were places where it was almost 60 meters high and its walls had amazing colors. So when I told them Mónica and Alberto about the possibility of having their adventure session there, they did not hesitate for a moment.

We were well informed about the route to follow and the first day that the low tide coincided with sunset we started to do the session.
We cautiously descended the path that led down the cliff, located the entrance and went inside.

At first the cave was not very wide but it is nowhere huge and leaves you speechless. It was much more spectacular than we had imagined, so we spent a few minutes in silence enjoying it. You had to enjoy this work of art that Nature has been creating for thousands of years is priceless.

After spending about half an hour inside taking photos, we decided to go outside to continue the session. The sunset was in all its splendor, so we took full advantage of it and when the sun hid behind the horizon little by little we went up towards our cars while we commented on the experience that we had just lived and that I think none of the 3 of us will ever forget.


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