Who was going to tell me that on this trip to the USA so many wonderful things were going to happen to me, to have a couple photo shoot, among others!

I embarked on this adventure with my friend Pablo Beglez and I couldn’t have a better travel companion!

We spent 21 days traveling first through Washington State and then through Oregon. If I think of the best moments we lived, the times we shared in Portland with Nicole Mason and Benjamin Holtrop, get to know the Olympic National Park, the excursion to Vance Creek Bridge with our friends Sean y Melanie Flanigan and do this couples photo shoot in one of the coolest places I’ve ever been!

We met Laura and Allen by chance, a few days before the shoot and when they told us they wanted us to do a photo shoot for them, we were super happy. They suggested we do it in a huge ice cave a few km from Seattle, the Big Four Ice Cave.

The path that leads to the cave is surrounded by huge trees that, with the foggy and rainy day that it made, created a magical atmosphere. The cave is what little remains of the area’s glacial past, a true wonder of nature with blue ice and beautiful colors. Being inside the cave is like transporting yourself to another time, it seems as if time has stopped thousands of years ago.

After doing the sessions, Laura and Alen became our friends forever. These are the things that happen when you travel with an open heart to everything. We can only thank Laura and Alen, for discovering us a dream place!

Here I leave you with what he gave of if that fantastic day that we will never forget!


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