Intimate wedding in a rural house: 7 Tips to organize it.

Last summer almost all the weddings I did were of this type, intimate wedding in a country house. None of them exceeded 25 guests, which is the number that for me is the limit to call an intimate wedding.

Intimate wedding in a rural house

Intimate wedding or elopement.

I’m going to tell you a little about what things to keep in mind when organizing it.

1. Rural House or Private Venue

Puedes elegir cualquier finca, casa u hotel rural, así como tu propia casa o de un familiar si tienes un terreno grande para poder la ceremonia.

One thing that I would look for would be to have accommodation so that all your guests can stay to sleep there.

In some of these weddings in which the guests spend the weekend at the farm, rural house or hotel and the experience is much more intense and beautiful.

You can organize a barbecue the day before or a brunch the day after and you can enjoy your guests for much longer. Depending on the type of farm, hotel or rural house you choose, you will have different needs, so read the following points.

Ceremony in a rural house

2. Schedule

By making both the preparations, ceremony, dinner and party in the

same place and having adequate facilities you have a lot of organizational flexibility.

You simply have to tell your guests what time the ceremony will be and they will organize.

I always recommend the ceremonies a couple of hours before sunset, so we have time to take some photos and a cocktail before dark.

3. Ceremony

In this case we can choose whether to do it, religious, civil or symbolic

Last year I did the 3 types and each one had its charm, so decide what best suits your ideals and go ahead.

If you are a civilian, you will have to contact the town hall to which the farm belongs to find out if they hold civil ceremonies outside the town hall. There are some that do and some that don’t, so you will have to find out first.

With the nun, you will normally have to go to a church or chapel, unless the farm itself has a consecrated church.

And if it is symbolic, then you will simply have to find an officiant or a friend to help you do the ceremony.

intimate wedding ceremony

4. Decoración

Normally in this type of intimate wedding there is usually decoration, both at the ceremony and at lunch or dinner. There, a world of possibilities and options opens up, so you should think about what suits you best.

If you are a bit lost, the farms can always give you a hand with it, since they have a lot of experience and can also help you to assemble the decoration.

5. Clothes and shoes

There is also a bit of everything here, there are couples who choose to be dressed in a more formal way, especially if the ceremony is religious. Others choose to be dressed more casually if it is a civil or symbolic wedding.

6. Guests

As I mentioned in the section on choosing the site, if you do it for the weekend and all staying in the same place, you will get your guests to live a unique experience that they will remember forever.

Even so, I think it is also important to remind them of the type of clothing and footwear that they have to wear so that it fits with the place and type of ceremony that you are going to do. Someone in a morning coat in the middle of a forest or someone in shorts inside a church does not make much sense.

7. Lunch or dinner

This is very easy to organize, especially if you are getting married on a farm or in a hotel since they will cook themselves or give you the contacts of the catering companies that work there.

If you do your intimate wedding in a rural or private house, you will already have to look for it yourself and choose the one that best suits your tastes and budgets.

With all this information I hope I have been able to help you in the organization of your intimate wedding and if you need a photographer so do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to chat with you. Intimate weddings are my favorites and I will be happy being part of it.


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