Lavellana wedding

Marta & Pablo


My story with Marta and Pablo and their wedding in LAvellana goes back a long way.

Almost three years ago, Marta wrote to tell me that she really liked my photos and that the day she got married she was clear that I would be her wedding photographer.

So, you cannot imagine how happy I was when a little over a year ago Marta wrote to us and told us that Pablo had asked her to marry him and that he was counting on us to photograph his wedding.

They decided to have their wedding in L’Avellana, a farmhouse with more than 300 years of history surrounded by hazel trees, where you can breathe an almost magical atmosphere and where its owners Katinka and Massimo make sure that everyone who passes by is as in home. As they say and it is engraved on the facade of the farmhouse, “We dedicate this place to illusion” and that is what they do.

In the first videoconference that Marta and Pablo did, they told me that they are two great movie lovers and that they were clear that they would make a lot of winks to their favorite movies during their wedding. They also told me that they would hire our friends from Bodas de Cuento to organize and decorate the wedding so everything looked great

And I was not mistaken, when their wedding day arrived, everything was as they wanted so they just made them enjoy and have fun with those they loved the most.

If you want to see what happened in this wonderful movie wedding (including the Oscars ceremony), here is a selection of the best photos.

I hope you enjoy it.

Laia Martín was in charge of the makeup, Marina Oh Fleurs of the crown, and Otaduy of the beautiful dress that Marta was wearing.





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