I have decided to test myself. I want to occasionally post 10-photo “micro-stories” that summarize the day I took the first photo in the series. I’ll start with the Vance Creek Bridge.

It is a challenge for me, but I think it will be a very nice exercise in which I will learn and have a lot of fun. So here I go with the “MicroAdventure Nº1”.

During the trip to the USA with my friend @pablobeglez we decided to visit our loved ones @stanflan and @melanieflanigan

We told them that we wanted to go to the “famous” Vance Creek Bridge and they told us that it was very difficult to get there, but that they would take the day off and that they would take us, since without their help we would not find it. So we got in the car and drove off.

When we arrived we saw that the road had been cut down by cutting down trees so that no one could cross it and there were also several signs of not passing the Vance Creek Bridge. Doubts began to assail our heads and we began to debate whether it was worth the risk or not.

At that moment a thought crossed my head: I was only going to have that opportunity in my life to see the bridge and if I didn’t take advantage of it I would never see it, so I told them that I wanted to try it and they told me that too.

After a couple of hours of jumping and going around trees we managed to reach the bridge and I can only say that the effort was worth it and a lot …

Being in the middle of the bridge watching the mist slide through the trees, while only listening to the noise of the river water 100 meters below my feet, made me connect with Nature in a way that I had rarely done.

We took some more photos and when it began to get dark we decided to go back to the car without imagining the adventure that we would run next … but I will tell you about that one other day.


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