My friend Alexis had a visitor and he suggested that I take his friend Alex to spend the night in Picos de Europa.

The forecast was for good weather and no wind, so our idea was to go up to the Collau Jermoso refuge area, find a place to put our bags and enjoy the sky full of stars.

The next day when we start off it is very hot, but the only part of the route in shade, a beautiful beech forest, arrives early and gives us a break

From there we start the really hard climb, a channel with a lot of unevenness that takes us to a hill where we rest to face the last section. Almost four hours of kicking later, when we already had the shelter in sight Alex stands up and I said that he does not continue up.

We try to convince him but he says no, he’s going down … we start to do the math and we barely have two hours of light left, so we have to get to Vega de Asotín before it gets dark.

As we go down we begin to contemplate a spectacle of those that you rarely see. The fog begins to rise as the evening light illuminates the mountains, so Alexis and I can’t resist stopping to enjoy the views and take photos, while Alex pulls down. We resume our march and little by little the light goes down and the sky turns purple as we continue our descent.

We already have our destination in sight, although we still have a steep descent ahead of us. We turn on our headlamps and when there is hardly any light, we arrive at the Vega where Alex is waiting for us. We prepare some food, have dinner and get into our sacks, to witness a wonderful spectacle before our eyes, a sky full of stars dominated by the milky way that makes it difficult to fall asleep before such beauty. But little by little the fatigue takes its toll and as my eyes close, I think of all the beautiful things that I have enjoyed today in Picos de Europa and that will remain forever in my memory.


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