In this micro-adventure, my friend Carles and I wanted to make a small video (you can watch it here) that will try to convey everything we feel when we are in the mountains to promote @proyectonature.
We knew it was not an easy task since trying to synthesize all that in one minute is complicated but if there was someone who could do it, it was my friend @edgarfelixvideos.

I told him about it and he loved the idea, so a couple of weeks later he was in Asturias accompanied by his brother @joaopedrofelix_, @pedrolopes_photography and his dog Bulma. With this team I knew that everything was going to go smoothly.

At 6:30 in the morning we were already underway. As we illuminated the path with our headlamps, we observed the wonderful dance of the mist at the bottom of the valley. Little by little we were gaining height and the views did not stop improving.
We took it very easy, taking photos while we recorded some shots for our video. We were all enjoying it a lot, but the one who did it the most was Bulma who wouldn’t stop running up and down.

The sun was already at the top when we headed for the last section of the climb, a path that winds through a gorge with a large drop. After a bit of suffering we managed to reach our destination, a rock arch carved out by thousands of years of erosion where we took the opportunity to record some planes with the drone.
We started our way back and headed for what would be our second and last destination.

When we arrived it was already beginning to dusk, so we made a bonfire and sat down to watch the sun go down behind the mountains.
At this moment, as we watched the day give way to night, I felt what I wanted to convey in the video, so I kept those feelings in my head and when I got home I wrote these words. “Time does not matter, only the present, the here and now. Feeling that in each breath the vital energy grows, while the eyes strive with fervor to record those memories, which will last forever inside us “

And what makes you feel like this?


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