Project Nature leaves our need to go to nature and disconnect from the routine of our work as wedding photographers.

Our time on earth is limited. Time is one of the most important things we have and we treat it as if it were infinite, every minute, every opportunity we lose to do something we like and to be in contact with nature is one minute less that disappears forever.

Discussing this with my friend Carles, we decided that we had to do things that make us feel alive and that’s how we gave shape to our new idea. We want to live experiences that make us feel and share it with other people.

This is how the Nature Project was born, some Adventure and Nature photography workshops where we want you to learn and live a unique experience with us.

We will share everything we have been learning in our entire career as photographers, many tricks, many experiences and a lot of information that will make your learning process in photography much faster, it does not matter if you are beginners or if you have been in this for a long time.

We will organize the workshops that we would like to have received. We want it to be a coexistence where time does not matter, only the moment we are living. So you will enjoy the experience of learning photography in a different way.

With this presentation video we hope to convey to you what we want to do. We hope you like it.


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