2018 as wedding photographers is history and trying to summarize a whole year in 60 photographs is very difficult for us, but we had to do it.

I think the 3 of us agree that the word that best defines our year is travel. More than 60,000 km that have allowed us to photograph a lot of unique and unforgettable moments.
In addition to kicking Spain from end to end several times, we were also lucky enough to photograph several weddings in Greece and Portugal.

We have been to a lot of conferences and workshops, both teaching and receiving training. For us this is very important, as it gives us the opportunity to continue training. We need to improve day by day to always give you the best of ourselves. In addition to meeting incredible colleagues with whom it is always a great pleasure to laugh and hang out.

They have also published our weddings in various blogs and magazines. Both nationally and internationally, we are very excited that our work crosses borders and seeing our weddings published on such cool blogs is always something incredible!

But in the end, what really makes all these hours of work and effort worthwhile is you. Each and every one of the couples that you trusted in f2studio throughout this year. Because although not all of you are in this summary (as we said, trying to condense a year into 60 photos is very difficult), be clear that what moves us to continue growing and improving day by day is you. We are sure that 2019 will be loaded with a thousand adventures and a lot of couples with whom to share one of the most special days of their lives. But until then, enjoy the summary of what 2018 has been like for us.


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