In summary, 2019 has been a year of reflection and self-knowledge at f2studio. We wanted to improve our wedding photography, find a way to be more honest in our work and above all have things clear for 2020, a year that will mark our tenth season with this adventure calledf2studio.

For this we have needed to be away from social networks, trying to value the things that are really important, without being contaminated by all the external influences that come to us. We have also spent more time in Nature trying to connect with it and trying to find the answers we were looking for and it seems that all of this has helped us a lot.

Many changes are coming in f2studio and the first of them is to be more active both on social networks and with our website.

So to start we thought it was a good idea to publish this post, a summary, an analysis and above all a reflection of what our 2019 has been. Looking at the post we are super proud of the work we have delivered this year and we believe that we have improved compared to previous years.

And we do not want to end without thanking each and every one of the couples who counted on us this 2019, without you there would be no reason to move on.

This post is dedicated to all of you. We hope you like it.


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