If I had to define 2021 with one word, I would say it is “reunion”.

In 2020 it was a year that helped me stop, rest, analyze my priorities in life and realize that 10 years had passed since I had started f2studio and I had never stopped to analyze my work.

After this break, many things have changed in me and in f2studio, but what has not changed is my enthusiasm for photographing weddings, continuing to grow and delivering better work every day to the couples who decide to have me for their wedding.

This year I met again with all those couples who had had to go through the hard and terrible time of postponing their weddings due to the “famous” pandemic.

I also rediscovered myself and realized that being good with yourself, you can always offer others your best face.

Another reunion was with my way of working, enjoying each wedding even more and trying to add another twist to my way of working and narrating a wedding.

So here I leave you with what 2021 was for me, a year in which I did not do many weddings. But for me they were all wonderful, but not because of the place where they were held or how they were decorated, but because of the treatment of each and every one of the 14 couples (and their guests) who shared their big day with me.

The truth is that I felt like one more guest and I couldn’t be happier for it.

I also feel very proud of the work that I have delivered to each couple because I think there has been a great evolution in recent years.

Hit play, turn up the volume and enjoy this video that summarizes f2studio’s 2021 in a minute.

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