Editorial Shoot in Vista Point, Portland

A moment in the evening, the last light of day, a romantic dinner for two and most importantly of all, love between two people. That´s our inspiration to make this beautiful shooting during one of our trips last year. We love meeting new people, enjoy a cool day in good company and doing all meanwhile we take photos.
Millions of thanks to Benjamin Holtrop for its lovely styling, to Lena Medoyeff for her beautiful dress and Pablo Beglez for joining me on this adventure, get ready  my friend, because it is the first of one of many more to come !!

Editorial en Portland_f2studio01 Editorial en Portland_f2studio02 Editorial en Portland_f2studio03 Editorial en Portland_f2studio04 Editorial en Portland_f2studio05Editorial en Portland_f2studio06 Editorial en Portland_f2studio07 Editorial en Portland_f2studio08 Editorial en Portland_f2studio09 Editorial en Portland_f2studio10 Editorial en Portland_f2studio11 Editorial en Portland_f2studio12 Editorial en Portland_f2studio13Editorial en Portland_f2studio14 Editorial en Portland_f2studio15 Editorial en Portland_f2studio16 Editorial en Portland_f2studio17 Editorial en Portland_f2studio18 Editorial en Portland_f2studio19 Editorial en Portland_f2studio20 Editorial en Portland_f2studio22F2Studio_fotografia de boda_best 2015 F2Studio_fotografia de boda_best 2015 Editorial boda en Portland

Shoot with Fujifilm XT-1 | 23 mm F1.4 | 35 F1.4 | 56 F1.

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