Barcelona Wedding : Raquel + Josa

Their Barcelona Wedding was amazing !! Since we met  for first time and we knew Raquel and Josa were going to be in our lives forever! They are those of that couples with whom we connect from the start and with whom we share a lot of interests and concerns and if you add that Josa is superfan of Star Wars, it is clear that will be our friends forever)
Raquel and Josa know
they wanted to celebrate their wedding in nature, and that  they will have the inspiration from Wes Anderson films, so there were details of both everywhere. From the invitations that had written the phrase Moonrise Kingdon “We’re in love. We just want to be together. What’s Wrong With That? “, Through the sitting plan where the names of the invited was written sliced ​​branches on moss, centerpieces with golden animals and jars with the color palette of one of the films of Wes Anderson or the Fatastic Mr Fox masks that Josa y Raquel wear in the portrait session.
Our friends Bodas de Cuento, were responsible for shaping all ideas of Rachel and Josa, the decoration beautiful . ‘It is always a great pleasure to work your guys side !!
Raquel was spectacular on her wedding day with a wonderful Otaduy dress, makeup by Laia Martín and headpiece by Tocados Le Touquet that was the perfect complement.
The wedding was held at the Castell de l´oliver, a beautiful site near Barcelona, ​​by the sea and surrounded by nature.
Rachel and Josa heartfelt thanks for letting us gettinh into your lives, we love you!

This wedding had been published in Junebug Weddings

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