Guide to replan your wedding during coronavirus.

We are living uncertainty moments, and after talking to a lot of brides who are in the same situation as you, I have decided to prepare this guide to give you some recommendations to replan your your wedding and that you do not feel alone at the moment. In it you will find information about what options you have regarding keeping or changing the wedding date.

I have tried to think of all the doubts you may have and collect them.

Nobody expected that this would happen and that you would have to consider changing your wedding date, but with this guide I hope to make more easy the process of reorganizing your wedding

Click here and you can download it. (sorry only in spanish) If you want an english version email me.

If you find it interesting do not hesitate to share this guide with all the people who may need it.


Reorganiza tu boda con f2studio Reorganiza tu boda con f2studio fotografía de bodas


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