Eva & Kilian

“We were incredibly lucky to have Javi as our photographer at our wedding. He offers you his kindness and openness, his talent, his deep care, his gift to capture emotions and moments that we didn’t even remember…”

The day we first saw the photographs couldn’t have been more emotional for us. Since the moment we met, he guided us and helped us with all the questions we had. And, the end result couldn’t have been any better on the big day.

Thank you for giving us the best possible images and memories of the happiest day of our lives!

Lola & Virro

Being photographers ourselves, it was very important to find a professional whose style and sensibility connected with us to capture our wedding. When we found his website, we knew we would be happy with his work. But not only did he do a great job, he went above and beyond, and, in the end, we became great friends.

It was great to meet him and eat together a year before our wedding, and in our welcoming party the day before. These moments gave us the opportunity to get to know each other beforehand, and I think that made his job easier and helped us feel much safer and comfortable around with.

“He gets so involved and he’s sincerely passionate about his job. You feel it on the wedding day and see it in the pictures. Thank you so much, Javi!”

Natalia & Nano

The moment we met, we said: “It has to be him!”. It was a great experience from the start. He makes you feel as if you were with a friend. Also, he’s so professional and has such kind gestures before, during and after the wedding…

The photos couldn’t have been more beautiful! He’s great!

“Javi has a gift for capturing light, and especially those moments that, just by looking at the pictures, make you relive all the emotions from that day”.

Regi & Mon

“What Javi is able to capture with his lens is simply a spectacle. We’re certain the photos he took at our wedding will be the greatest we’ll ever have in our lives”.

We knew we loved the lighting in his photographs, that his work in nature is pure magic and that he would capture the essence of every moment.

His care was exceptional from the beginning, he was very professional and kind. Even if you don’t live close by, he will find the time to chat and he will try and make everything easy for you.

We can’t recommend him enough! He’s the best! We felt super comfortable around him, and he guided us every step of the way. We were so lucky to have him on such a special day!

Thank you so much for making that day a memory that we will treasure forever!

María & Victor

I don’t think we have to comment on his talent because you can clearly see it in his work. It’s just perfect. What I do want to talk about is his presence on the wedding day because you won’t get better care.

“You feel so comfortable right from the start. He immediately becomes part of the family. He will help with any problem that arises and he’ll always do it with a smile on his face”.

On our wedding day it was pouring rain, but Javi made the most of every moment. Now I’m even happy that it rained because the photographs look so much better than I could have ever imagined. He’s an amazing photographer and an even more amazing person!