Paula y Rutger

I’m not a big fan of weddings but when Rutger asked me to marry him I was surprised how happy the idea of celebrating our love with our friends and family made me. One of the first dilemmas were the photos. Wedding photography has always seemed a bit tacky and somewhat artificial to me … but only until I met Javi and Jose! We were impressed with the way they understand and do photography as well as their ability to see beyond the obvious. We immediately contacted Javi and the surprise was even greater when we discovered a simple and wonderful person at the other end of the line. Right there I knew that everything will be ok and I could just relax and enjoy. And I couldn’t be more right. They have captured like no one the way we approach life and the essence of who we are.

Thank you so much. A wonderful experience. If you are also thinking of hiring F2studio, you are not going to regret! Believe me! an skeptical on weddings photography talking here! They are great in every possible way.


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