Yanina e Iván

“Yanina, relax, take a deep breath, there is no rush, this is not starting without you”. These were Javi’s wise words for me in the morning of the wedding, in a moment when I thought someone had closed the tap of fresh air. On your wedding day you are a bundle of nerves with legs and a white dress, that’s why we will always thank them for being there at all moments without being noticed. They captured every instant, every gaze without realizing they were there. We wanted photographers that would follow the natural unfolding of the day without excessive artificial posing sessions. We had always wished for a wedding album that would enclose all those moments on the day the adrenaline stops you from observing, even if you were looking straight at them, and they sure got it!

Getting the guys from F2studio to be your wedding photographers is like asking your best friend to take the photos, and to know they will be amazing! Thanks for your professionalism, and for making everything so easy for us on the day. But above all, thanks for converting into images the magic of the happiest day in our lives.


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