The 22 best Menorca Wedding Venues.

Here is a list of Menorca Wedding Venues. The island is full of villas, fincas and hotels, as well as wonderful beaches and cliffs where you can get married.

First of all I introduce myself, my name is Javi and I am the person behind F2STUDIO wedding photographers. I have the idea on writing this article after shooting Eva and Kilian’s wedding in one of the best Menorca Wedding Venues. Click here to see it. It is a very special wedding and to this day it is still my favorite wedding in Menorca.

I have also photographed in other Menorca Wedding venues, so if you want to know what I think of any of them, have any questions or If you know any venue that should be in this list, please email me.

(Updated June 2, 2023, with 8 new venues)


The 22 best Menorca Wedding Venues.

· Menorca wedding Hotels.

1. Son Blanc

This old 19th century Menorcan farm located near Alayor has just been converted into a hotel. Its 14 rooms renovated with exquisite taste using local materials have private gardens, terraces and great views. The ecological impact of the hotel has also been taken care of a lot with its own water treatment plant.

Its outdoor spaces are a dream to celebrate your wedding. It has its own restaurant that cooks local products, many from its own crops and livestock.

2. Menorca experimental

Located in the south of the island, between Alayor and Son Bou. This 19th century finca with 30 hectares of land is located in a very especial place. The 43-room hotel was opened in 2019 and has been carefully restored. Every material and element has been selected with a lot of attention.
Both their outdoor spaces are perfect for the ceremony. The portrait session can be indoors or outdoors and even on the cliff near the hotel.

3. Son Granot

This 19th century Palladian house located very close to Mahón, has 8 rooms and 3 apartments with a garden, a private terrace in one with a pool. Its gardens and forests create magnificent outdoor areas for celebrating weddings. In addition, they themselves have a restaurant.

4. Alcaufar Vell

Alcaufar Vell is an 18th century manor estate with 250 hectares of land located in the south west of the island near San Luis. Of Arab origins, it has 22 rooms distributed between the house and the old stables.
You can have your wedding in its different gardens and it also has both indoor and outdoor spaces to have the dinner.

5. Fontenille Menorca

Fontenille is made up of two large estates: Santa Ponsa and Torre Vella, with more than 300 hectares of land in the south of the island.

Its name comes from the watchtower in the center of the house. The marvelous central patio gives access to its interiors with 100% Mediterranean decoration cared to the last detail. It has 17 rooms and a private cliff where the NOMAD bar is located.

This 18th century palace is also decorated with great detail but unlike Torre Vella it has a colonial style with incredible gardens, terraces and a beautiful greenhouse. It has 22 rooms distributed between the main house, old barns and its gardens.
Both estates have plenty of spaces to celebrate your ceremony and dinner, as well as for the portrait session.

6. Faustino Gran

This old palace is located Ciudadella has incredible views the city PORT. It has a garden with spectacular vegetation and a swimming pool where the ceremony, cocktail or dinner can be held.
Its spaces are carefully decorated in a modern and actual style. And you have a lot of options to stay in it.
We can do the photo session in the same hotel or through the streets of Ciudadella.

7. Sant Ignasi

Sant Ignasi is located very close to Ciutadella and some of the most beautiful beaches on the island. This 18th century farm has an area of ​​40 hectares and was in its time the summer home of an old family of the Menorcan aristocracy. It is surrounded by a beautiful garden and a small forest of centuries-old oaks, where you can take wonderful walks and celebrate your wedding.

8. Amagatay

Located near Alaior, the 20-suite hotel is made up of a group of 19th century buildings that have been restored, preserving their original architecture, all surrounded by a 35-hectare estate full of gardens, orchards and olive trees where you can celebrate the ceremony, the cocktail and the dinner. Precisely from these 8,000 olive trees they produce high-quality annual oil.

They have their own restaurant and kitchen.

9. Son Triay

This 18th century house is located between Ferrerias and Cala Galdana in the south center of the island. It has a farm where vegetables are grown, and forests and cliffs where you can go hiking.
It has well-kept gardens where you can celebrate your ceremony, cocktail and dinner.
It can accommodate about 20 people.

10. Sant Joan de Binissaida

The original house dates from the 18th century and since then it has undergone a lot of renovations until leaving it as it is now. It is located to the west of the island, has 15 rooms and has 30 hectares of land. It has beautiful gardens for your ceremony, as well as a large covered pergola with a private garden, ideal for your wedding dinner.

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· Menorca wedding Villas.

11. Es Bec d´Aguila

This house was built in the highest area of ​​a 60 hectare plot between Alaior and Es Migjorn Gran in the 19th century It has been recently renovated by its new owners. They have kept their classic Menorcan architecture but giving a very contemporary touch to their decoration, making it a very special place. Its 11 rooms and common areas do not lack any detail to host your intimate wedding in Menorca.

12. Finca Formet

Just 5 minutes from Mahon airport. From its wonderful terrace you have views of its 150 hectares of land and the sea. It has 10 rooms to accommodate your guests. Its garden/ pool space is perfect for the cocktail and has a lot of beautiful spaces for the portrait sessions.

13. Torre Saura

To the south of Ciutadella, is located what was the summer residence of the Count of Torre Saura and what is said to be one of the most beautiful estates on the island. Going under the majestic stone arch to the courtyard presided over by the tower transports us to the beginning of the 19th century. It has 4 very different areas where you can celebrate your wedding: the pool area and the perfect tower for the cocktail, the one with the trees for the ceremony and the one on the path for dinner.

14. Binisegarra

My favourite venue in the island. Is one of the few fincas in Menorca where you can get married on a cliff overlooking the sea.
If we also add a Mediterranean decoration very in keeping with the environment. It has accommodation for about 20 people, has perfect gardens for the cocktail between the main house and the old stables and the pool area is perfect for the dinner, What else can you ask for?
If you want to see a wedding in Binisegarra click here.

15. Son Bernardi

This house from the 19th century is located just 5 km from Ciutadella and one of the things that most attracts the attention of the house are its views of the sea. From its terraces you can contemplate the sun setting on it. It has accommodation for 12 people and plenty of space to celebrate your ceremony and dinner.

16. Cas Comte

Cas Comte, also known as El Palacio de Torre Saura is one of the most spectacular and historic buildings in Menorca. Located in the heart of Ciutadella in the Plaza del Born, its construction began in 1839 and is considered the best example of neoclassical civil architecture. They can be rented in their entirety or just the terraces that overlook the port of Ciutadella.

17. Son Felip

Son Felip are part of an agricultural project of about 1000 hectares located north of Ciutadella, where olive and almond trees are grown by ecological methods, in addition to raising livestock and practicing beekeeping. The house and its annexes can accommodate 14 people. It is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy an intimate wedding.

18. Fortaleza de la Mola

This imposing fortress located in Mahón began to be built in 1860 to protect the island from a possible invasion by a foreign power as it is one of the strategic points of the Mediterranean. It has a lot of spaces to celebrate the ceremony, as well as dinner and always with unbeatable views of the port of Mahón.

19. Son Temet

Finca with 20 hectares of olives located near the port of Addaya in the North of the Island. It has accommodation for 14 people and the ceremony can be held both on the large terrace at the front or in its gardens. The decoration of the house is wonderful and is a mixture of traditional Menorcan architecture and modernity.

20. Mallaui

Located in the South of Menorca, right next to Cala Turqueta, one of the most beautiful coves on the island on a 300-hectare estate.
It is perfect for weddings, as it has both indoor and outdoor space for dinner, a large parking lot and catering facilities. If we add to that that it has accommodation for 24 people, it makes this farm a great candidate for your wedding. In addition, being able to access Cala Turqueta by a private road to be able to do your photo session is priceless.

21. Son Bonaventura

On this 25-hectare farm located on the outskirts of Sant Luís, an agricultural farm was built there in the 1950s. Later in 2000 it was renovated and since then it has focused on permaculture and the production of olive oil, honey, wine and lavender. It has accommodation for 14 people and its wonderful gardens make it perfect for the wedding you are dreaming of.

22. Na Bona

Located very close to Mahón next to the Albufera des Grau Natural Park, this farm has accommodation for 10 people. It has enough outdoor space to celebrate your wedding and enjoy the Menorcan countryside.

23. San Solomo

San Solomo is a beautiful farm located next to Ciudadela on the road to the Punta Nati Lighthouse. Its gardens full of palm trees are perfect for a ceremony or for your dinner outdoors. Due to its placement, it is perfect for taking the portrait sesión at sunset, because it can be seen perfectly from the farm.

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· Menorca wedding Agriturism.

24. Artrux Sea Club

Located at the foot of the Artrux lighthouse, it is a unique and very special place to get married while watching the sea. The sunset there is truly wonderful and its capacity for about 150 people makes it very versatile.

25. Nonna Bazaar

Located on a 400-hectare century-old farm near Ciudadela, it has a working farm, a restaurant that offers dishes from the 21 Mediterranean countries made with local products. It has 3 well-differentiated spaces, on the one hand, the front patio with capacity for 150 people, perfect for dinner and parties. The terraces, perfect for a ceremony at sunset and the boyeras perfect for cocktails or dinner in case of rain.

26. Isabella Beach Club

Located in Playas de Fornells, this club next to the sea has some of the best sunsets on the island. Can you imagine getting married there?

27. Binissues

Near Ferrerías is this old 18th century house that has large gardens where you can celebrate ceremonies, a terrace with views of the garden and another with views of the countryside where you can celebrate a cocktail and a large indoor dining room with air conditioning where you can celebrate lunch.

· Menorca wedding vineyards.

28. Bodegas Binifadet

Located in the southeast of the island next to Mahón, this winery has 12 hectares of vineyards. It has indoor and outdoor spaces to celebrate your wedding, as well as its own chef and kitchen to prepare your banquet.

29. Torral Benc

The finca was built up of a group of houses dating back to the 19th century. It is located on a privileged hill near Cala en Porter, 15 minutes from Mahón and with very beautiful views. It has 16 hectares of vineyards and 27 rooms with a lot of options.
For your wedding it has a lot of outdoor spaces, as well as its own chef and kitchen.

30. Hort Sant Patrici

It is located near Ferreries, in the center of the island, very close to the best beaches in the south of Menorca.
Its historic house “Ca Na Xini”, converted into a cozy boutique hotel with 8 rooms and a restaurant, is surrounded by a large garden and extensive vineyards.
It also has a cheese factory where Mahón cheese is produced.
It has 150 hectares of land to celebrate your wedding outdoors and its own kitchen.

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You can also have your intimate wedding or elopement in a cliff or beach in Menorca like Cristina & Nathan did. Click here to see their wedding in one of the most magical places in Menorca.

If you are looking for magical places for your intimate wedding in Menorca, email me and I will be really happy to share it with you.


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