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Julia & Noel


Celebrating a wedding in a forest in Barcelona is not all that common, but here’s the explanation Julia and Noel gave me in one of our conversations:

“We knew from the very start that we wouldn’t have a conventional venue. We wanted something special, outdoors, a place that felt right for us and the concept we had for our wedding. Mas del Silenci was the first place we visited and the last. When we went there for the first time, we knew that was it. We couldn’t picture a better venue. It’s a magical place and it felt like the perfect environment to celebrate such a special day”.

Julia and Noel’s story is lovely, and it’s reflected in the pictures you’ll see below.

“We met after one of Noel’s concerts with his band, No Way Out, in Jerez, in 2006. After seeing them live for the first time, I spent years following them everywhere they went. I was crazy about Noel, but I had to move to England. In 2011, after some time apart and no communication between us, we met again and that time we fell in love. I left everything, we gave the relationship our all and here we are still”.

And of course, their wedding had to have their essence and be inspired by what made their love possible: concerts and music.

“We had no doubt that, even though we would celebrate our wedding in a forest, it had to represent who we were and our story. We didn’t care about protocols: we wanted everything to have a meaning, not just doing things for the sake of it. The festival/music theme was obvious, it was our beginning and we wouldn’t have it any other way. None of this would have been possible without Judith from Mille Papillons, who ensured that everything looked exactly like we imagined it.”

When I asked them what their favorite moment of the day was, they didn’t hesitate:

“The concert. Both of us and all our guests loved every minute of it. Singing together was so much fun and it was one of the most special moments of our wedding”.

And that’s why, I think there’s no better way to tell Julia and Noel’s story than starting from their favorite moment.

And so it all started 9 hours before….

This wedding has been published on the English blog RocknRollbride and photographed with Fujifilm X-T2 | 23 mm F2 | 35 F1.4 | 56 F1.2

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