Castiello de Selorio wedding

Paula & Rutger


When Paula wrote to me and told me that they were going to have their wedding in Castiello de Selorio I was very happy since it is one of my favorite places to celebrate a wedding in Asturias.

Paula told me that she was Asturian but she moved to Amsterdam to work at the Greenpeace headquarters. There he met Rutger and love arose and they soon moved in together. This is how their twins Nanne and Luuk were born, two earthquakes that bring joy to their lives.

So when they discovered Castiello de Selorio, one of the best places to celebrate weddings in Asturias, they did not doubt that this would be the chosen place for their wedding.

When we did their pre-wedding in Amsterdam we got to know them a little more and find out the reasons why they live in the city, know their places in the city and enjoy their day to day.

Their wedding was full of unforgettable moments such as:

  • The entry of Paula on the bicycle driven by her brother at full speed and that made us fear for her physical integrity,
  • When Nanne and Luuk, their two children, brought them a ring, what could be more beautiful than your own children wearing the rings on your wedding day?
  • The exit of the ceremony with the two little ones hand in hand through the middle of the hall full of their best friends and family.
  • The photoshoot at sunset in a nearby tunnel, where the light and the site generated very different photos.
  • The party that was bundled with Paula and Rutger in the center giving everything together with their guests that lasted until the early hours of the morning.

So if you want to see the photos of the wedding in Castiello by Selorio de Paula and Rutger, click down and enjoy them!

We hope you like them.


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