Sunset engagement session in Menorca

Cristina & Nathan


The day Cristina sent me a DM on Instagram to explain her wedding in Ciudadella de Menorca

I crossed my fingers for them to hire me.

You don´t have everyday the opportunity to shoot a wedding in one of the most beautiful places in Menorca Pont d´en Gil.

A few days later, when she said yes and began to explain that they would get married at sunset only surrounded by her parents and siblings, everything seemed idyllic and wonderful. And so it was, except for some small moments of stress that I will tell you about after you watch the video.

I consider myself very lucky for being able to shoot a wedding in Ciutadella de Menorca and live from a privileged point of view one of the most emotional ceremonies I have never been to.

So here I leave you with this audiovisual that I think that sums up Cristina and Nathaniel’s wedding very well.

Turn up the volume and enjoy the wonderful vows that they said to each other.

Watching this video it seems that everything was easy and wonderful but for this wedding going ahead was quite an adventure… I call my weddings f2 adventures for a reason hehehe.

All started the day before when I met them for trying to find the right place for the ceremony.

As Pont d’en Gil is usually very crowded at sunset and especially on the 31st of July, we wanted to find a place with relative privacy. After some searching we found a little corner, a bit out of the way, that would be the perfect place for the ceremony.

We decided that we would do the portrait session at dawn because Cristina and Nathaniel wanted to do a first look and also they would want to do the getting ready together.

To do this we had to get up at 5 in the morning to be ready and get to the place we had chosen for the photos because sunrise was around 6:30.

After a bumpy session where I ended up on the ground with a final result of a camera ready to send to the technical service and part of my hand and knee shaved by the rocks, we took a break to start the preparations at 5 o’clock the afternoon.

The ceremony was scheduled for 7:30, so it seemed like we had more than enough time.

But as usual at weddings, everything gets complicated and when we left the apartment it was already a bit late. A misunderstanding with Nathaniel who had gone to get the car to pick us up delay us for almost half an hour, so the car journey was a bit stressful… but he light was wonderful, don’t you think? 😉

When we arrived at the ceremony it was 8:30, the clouds had covered the sky so we had very little daylight left… and in the rush on the way to the cliff Cristina’s dress got caught on a rock and broke. She took it with a very good attitude and we moved on.

During the ceremony I realized that the little corner we had chosen was too small for the 10 people who were part of the ceremony, so we were very packed. The main problem for me was because I hardly had space to take open photos and also, I used less and less light.

In that kind of moments is when you have to bring the experience of all the years shooting weddings and I´m very happy of how everything came out.

When we finished the ceremony if was really dark so we hace to use our phones to light our steps to go back to the car, so another “adventure” to finish the day.

After this we went to do the dinner of the wedding in Can Faustino

Has this wedding inspired you? Would you get married in a place like this?

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