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Nathalie & Paulo decided to celebrate their wedding in La Mola Menorca because Nathalie has been spending every summer of her life just a few km away and for the amazing views of the island and the sea

I asked to Nathalie to reply some questions about their wedding in La Mola Menorca

Tell me a little bit about yourselves and how did you met.

Paulo and I first connected through the marvels of modern technology ;-), specifically the Happn app, while I was visiting my sister in London. I was residing in Paris at the time, while Paulo called London home. Our initial meeting took place in London approximately three months later, and from that moment onward, we managed to see each other roughly once a month. It took us seven years to finally make the decision to live together in the same city, which happened to be Brussels… Hahaha… In a delightful turn of events, Paulo proposed to me in Menorca just one year after our move, and the following year, we exchanged vows in a picturesque ceremony at La Mola, also in Menorca.

What kind of wedding did you had and how did you get inspired?

Our wedding was deeply inspired by the charming Menorcan style, elegantly fused with a simple yet refined aesthetic. We made a deliberate choice to allow the island’s natural beauty, particularly our venue, La Mola, to take center stage. Complementing this backdrop, we added touches of white and green in the floral arrangements, candle displays, and table settings, creating a harmonious and picturesque ambiance.

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Where was your wedding and why did you chose this venue?

Our wedding was at the magnificent Fortaleza de Isabel II, La Mola, one of Europe’s largest fortresses constructed in the 19th century. This historic site offers beautiful views of the island and the sea Our ceremony took place within one of the fortress’s galleries, giving a cozy and calm atmosphere reminiscent of a church. Fortunately, the weather smiled upon us, allowing us to enjoy dinner and dancing outdoors. A plus is that this venue also provided a plan B in case of rain, a reassuring detail for any pre-wedding jitters we may have had

Which were the main challenges during the wedding planning process?

I believe the primary challenge of organizing a wedding abroad lies in the distance, which naturally adds complexity to the planning process However, to be completely honest, every individual we worked with for this event went above and beyond to make it an extraordinary experience for us. Their warmth, friendliness, and support transformed what could have been a difficult task into an unforgettable journey.

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¿Hablemos de trajes? ¿Cómo dijiste que sí al traje y al vestido?

Haha, Paulo was very sweet to let me join him in selecting his suit, and we both agreed on Café Costume, a known tailor in Belgium The experience was fantastic as they offer complete customization, allowing us to personalize every detail from A to Z. They even have limited edition linings, adding a touch of personality and fun I decided to surprise Paulo by having a small phrase stitched into his vest, revealed only during the final fitting, which added a playful and sweet element to the process Paulo opted for a stunning three-piece suit in a rich dark green, paired with a wooden bow tie. He looked incredibly handsome.

However, tradition prevailed on my end, so Paulo wasn’t allowed to join my mom and sisters in the search for my wedding dress…haha! After some research, I stumbled upon the brand ‘New White’, which perfectly embodied the style and fabric. Luckily, there was a boutique in Antwerp that sold their dresses. After trying on a few options, I ultimately found a dress very similar to the one I initially wanted. Reflecting on it now, I wouldn’t hesitate to choose it again. t was simply perfect for Menorca; when the sun hit the dress, it seemed to radiate light

Can you share the most important songs that played at your wedding?

It’s quite a challenging question, considering all the songs were handpicked by us Our playlist featured a delightful mix of English and Brazilian tracks. One of my personal favorites was the song that played as I walked down the aisle with my dad: ‘Follow the Sun’ by Xavier Rudd. This song holds a special place in our hearts as Paulo and I often listened to it during our moments in Menorca, savoring glasses of cava while admiring the sunset. I Interestingly, Paulo fondly refers to me as the ‘sunchaser’ as I am not so fond of winter and my desire for sunny getaways.

And of course, there’s our opening song: ‘Onde Anda Você’ by Toquinho and Vinícius de Moraes . We specifically chose this Brazilian piece to mark the beginning of our journey as a married couple Its soulful melody and meaningful lyrics captured the essence of our love beautifully It was important for us to incorporate a Brazilian song, reflecting to Paulo’s family in Brazil and setting the tone for our life together.

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Which vendors did you hired and why did you choose them?

We had the pleasure of working with S’algar catering catering for our wedding, and we must say, the praise we had heard about them was entirely justified Their professionalism, impeccable organization, and friendly demeanor exceeded our expectations Every aspect of our event was flawlessly executed, leaving us thoroughly impressed We wholeheartedly recommend working with them—they not only managed everything with expertise but also offered valuable suggestions and assistance with even the smallest details, ensuring our special day was nothing short of perfect

Please highlight the best or more emotive moments of your wedding day.

Two moments during our wedding were particularly special and deeply emotional for us The first was when I came down the stairs and laid eyes on Paulo for the first time, both of us shining in our wedding attire. I felt a rush of butterflies in my stomach, a testament to the overwhelming joy and anticipation I felt in that moment. The second was the entirety of our ceremony, from start to finish. Every aspect of it was simply magical From the heartfelt speeches of our beloved family and friends, to the exchange of vows—listening to Paulo’s promises and seeing his reaction as I recited mine—and finally, the moment when we were pronounced married by Reverend Paul.

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If you could give a piece of advice to a couple who are starting to plan their wedding what would it be?

Planning a wedding is a journey filled with diverse ideas and the merging of different families and friends. Instead of resisting these differences, embrace them. Bring together the unique worlds of both partners and create something beautiful Remember, the people gathered are there to celebrate your love, so allow yourselves to do the same. Initially, . Initially, it may seem like money is simply flowing out, but the value you receive in the days leading up to the wedding and on the day itself is immeasurable.

The memories created during this special time are truly priceless If you have the opportunity, don’t hesitate to invest in your celebration of love.

Thank you Nathalie for sharing your thoughts with us.

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