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Virro & Lola


When I met Virro and Lola what intrigued me the most was the reason why a Mexican man and a French woman who lived in DF would celebrate their wedding in Mallorca.

So, after a while, I asked them, and Lola didn’t hesitate with her answer:

“When I was 15, I visited Mallorca for the first time, and I fell in love with the island. That’s what made me want to learn the language and move to Madrid to study. When I met Virro, we started going there together year after year, and he also fell in love with the place.

A few years later, we closed the circle: he asked me to marry him in one of our favorite spots, Deià.

And just like that, we didn’t give it a second thought. We knew it was the place that made us happiest and where we wanted our families and friends to come together so they could understand why we loved it so much”.

Another interesting thing I learnt in that conversation was the reason they chose Fangar and not any other venue to celebrate their wedding in Mallorca.

“Judith from Mille Papillons suggested different places and choosing wasn’t easy. We visited more than 10 venues, but the tie breaker was that Fangar was the only place where we could have the party outside without time restrictions, and that was crucial for us. In fact, the party ended at 6 am while we watched the sunrise from the pool. That confirmed we had made the right choice.

Moreover, this venue offers the possibility to host 25 people during the wedding weekend, so we could have a brunch the next morning”.

After a few months, we met again. This time, in person and in Barcelona, during one of Lola’s visits to the city before the wedding. And that time, she answered another big question I had: how they met.

“We met in 2009, in Mexico City in a gastronomic exhibition. I was doing an internship in a French restaurant and Virro’s photographs were being exhibited in the conference center were the expo was taking place. For Virro it was love at first sight, but it wasn’t reciprocated. A year passed until fate brought us together again and, this time, we did fall in love”.

So… As they say, love conquers all, no matter the distance. And to end this story, I’d like to share with you the question I always ask all couples for the blog:

What would you recommend to another bride so she can make the most of her wedding day?

Do everything you can before the wedding, so everything goes smoothly, and you can forget all your worries on the big day. We hired Mille Papillons so she could help us with everything and make things easier for us. You won’t have to think about every little detail, you’ll just focus on enjoying every moment and every embrace, because time flies and your guests will have a much better time if they see you making the most of it.

And before saying goodbye, I would like to say thank you to Hilario Sanchez for being my partner in this adventure.

Ok, and now you can finally enjoy the photos I took as a wedding photographer in Mallorca at Virro and Lola’s wedding. I hope you like them.

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