boda intima en menorca

Eva & Kilian


When Kilian proposed to Eva, they both knew instantly that they wanted to celebrate their wedding in Menorca. However, organizing everything from afar was very difficult.

Eva and Kilian have been spending their summers in Menorca for years, and they’d fantasized about celebrating their wedding there.

One day, while researching on Instagram, fate brought together Eva and Patricia from The Love Forest. And, without waiting around, Eva sent her a message and told her everything. They connected right away and decided to go all in and do everything necessary to make her dream wedding come true. And, as you will see from the pictures, I think they succeeded.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who helped make this day one of the weddings I’ll never forget, either as a wedding photographer in Menorca nor on a personal level. Of course, first of all, thanks to Eva and Kilian for enjoying every second of their wedding and never stopping smiling during the whole weekend. To Patri from The Love Forest for making Eva and Kilian’s dreams come true, for making everything look just splendid and taking care of every little detail. To Juan Okka  for taking the party to the next level with his music that we couldn’t stop dancing to. To Es Bonsais for creating such a beautiful and delicate floral design. To  Princep Still  and Roissofor making Eva look so stunning. And last but not least, thanks to my friend Pablo Béglez for being my partner in this adventure.

And finally, here you can see the images of that day. We hope you enjoy their wedding in Menorca.

Photographed with Fujifilm X-pro2 | 23 mm F2 | 35 F1.4 | 56 F1.2







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