wedding at the Ponferrada Museum

Nuria & Daan


Celebrating a wedding at the Ponferrada Museum, an old thermal power station converted into a Museum, is not for everyone.

When Nuria and Daan started planning their wedding from Amsterdam, the place where they live, the only two things they were clear about was that it would be in Ponferrada since Nuria was born and raised there and that they wanted a different and original place. So looking around they found the National Museum of Energy in Ponferrada.

Although no wedding had taken place there, the management had the intention of holding all kinds of events, so Nuria spoke with them and soon they had found their wedding site.

Nuria has always called Daan “Tuli” because he is Dutch and Holland is the country of tulips. Thus, their friends began to call them “Los Tulis” and it seemed an original way of calling their wedding the Tuliwedding. And of course for the floral decoration that Pando Floristas was in charge of, they decided to use a lot of tulips.

It occurred to them that since the most common means of transport in Amsterdam is the bicycle, it would be very cool for Nuria to enter the ceremony in one, driven by one of Daan’s friends.

They chose the turbine room as the place of the ceremony and Nuria instead of walking down a corridor would have to climb the staircase that led to the control room where Daan was waiting for her. Don’t tell me that it is one of the most original places you have never seen to get married?

For the session we decided to take advantage of the interiors of the museum that as you can see had a wonderful light.

And it was clear that for dinner the old coal pier was the perfect place and it was, since with the lighting the atmosphere was wonderful.

In short, an original and different wedding in every way.

We don’t want to end without congratulating Patri from The Love Forest for leaving everything so beautiful!

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