Wedding at Meres Palace

Wedding at Meres Palace – Asturias

Hello, if you are looking for information to celebrate your wedding at Meres Palace in Asturias, this article interests you.

First of all I introduce myself, my name is Javi and I am the person behind F2studio wedding photographers in Asturias. 10 years ago I decided to open f2studio to unite my passion for photography, an unmatched love for nature and my desire to tell beautiful wedding stories.

Since then I have photographed more than 300 weddings throughout Spain and Europe. Meres Palace is one of the best wedding palaces in Asturias.

But let’s go back to Meres Palace. I’m going to tell you some things that you may not know about it:

This palace is one of the most prestigious with and tradition to make your wedding in Asturias.

Wedding at Meres Palace


It was built at the beginning of the 15th century and is located 10 minutes from Oviedo, which makes it very accessible from all parts of the region.

Exterior Wedding at Meres Palace


The palace, its gardens and the chapel (one of the largest private chapels in Spain) are historical heritage, they are well cared for and have a unique charm.

Wedding Catering at Meres Palace

You have the possibility of celebrating both religious and civil ceremonies and you can also choose from the best caterings in our region to prepare food.

It has a capacity of up to 400 guests.

Wedding ceremony at Meres Palace


Its strengths are its proximity to Oviedo, its magnificent and well-cared facilities and that it can host both civil and religious weddings.

The only weak point that I see is that it does not have a large room and the guests have to be divided into several rooms.

exterior Meres Palace

With all this information I hope I have helped you get an idea of ​​what it is like to have a wedding at Meres Palace.

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