cliff wedding

Bea & Gerardo


When they contacted us and told us their story and their desire to do something special (a wedding on the cliff).

We do not doubt that they were going to be one of those couples that we would fall in love with from the beginning.

You already know that we love different bride and groom, with clear ideas and wanting to make their wedding day a unique and special day. Well, that’s how Bea and Gerardo are.

When Bea called me and told me they were about to move to Dubai. And that they wanted to do an express wedding. Since Gerardo had just got a job there for immediate incorporation. They wanted to be married so that Bea could legally live in the country.

They wanted something simple, the two of them with their two best friends. And since they were great lovers of nature that the place where they did it was spectacular and special. So we got down to work and suggested several sites, and in the end they chose a cliff in the Llanes area.
For me it is one of the most special places in Asturias since from the same coast if you look back you can see the majestic Picos de Europa.

In fact there are places where the mountains are less than 18km from the coast, which in all of Europe only happens here and in Norway.

Returning to the wedding, when arriving at the chosen place the feelings were already on the surface. When Gerardo began to read the first words of his vows, tears began to appear among all of us who were there.

Then came Bea’s vows, who with a broken voice, could barely contain the emotion of the moment they were living. Once he finished, his two friends read a few words about them that would end up making the wedding even more emotional.
When we finished the ceremony, we went back to the cars and could witness the wonderful spectacle of the snow-capped mountains.

A simple, emotional wedding and a clear example that you don’t need big budgets or preparations to make your wedding a unique and special day.


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