Formentera Wedding photographer

Wedding photographer in Formentera

It is possible that you are looking for a wedding photographer in Formentera and that is why you are here. If so… perfect, because Formentera is one of my favorite destinations to photograph weddings. In case you don’t know, I am in love with the Balearic Islands.

Its light and landscapes are incredible, so I would be delighted to be your wedding photographer in Formentera .

Hello, my name is Javi and I am in charge of F2STUDIO. Our goal is to tell the story of that love from an artistic and documentary point of view.

So 10 years ago I decided to open F2Studio: The sum of my passion for photography, my desire to capture emotions and an unmatched love for nature.

Since then I have photographed more than 300 weddings throughout Spain and Europe, I have cried, laughed, enjoyed experiences that I would never have had otherwise, met wonderful people and above all I have found the passion of my life, photographing weddings.

We are a different wedding photographers studio and we love taking photos of couples who laugh and are in love.

In order to help couples who want to organize their wedding in Formentera, I have compiled a list of the 12 best places to celebrate your wedding in Formentera , I hope it will help you.

If you feel that our photos connect with you in any way, you are one of those couples.

I would love to hear your story: