Wedding photographer in Mallorca

wedding photographer in Mallorca

It is possible that you are looking for a wedding photographer in Mallorca and that is why you are here. If so … perfect, because Mallorca is one of our favorite destinations for photographing weddings.

Its light and landscapes are incredible, so I would be delighted to be your wedding photographer in Mallorca.

Hello, my name is Javi and I am in charge of F2STUDIO. Our goal is to tell the story of that love from an artistic and documentary point of view.

So 10 years ago I decided to open F2Studio: The sum of my passion for photography, my desire to capture emotions and an unmatched love for nature.

Since then I have photographed more than 300 weddings throughout Spain and Europe, I have cried, laughed, enjoyed experiences that I would never have had otherwise, met wonderful people and above all I have found the passion of my life, photographing weddings.

We are a different wedding photographers studio and we love taking photos of couples who laugh and are in love.

If you feel that our photos connect with you in any way, you are one of those couples.

Here is a link to Birro and Lola’s wedding in Mallorca, we hope you like it as much as we do.

wedding in Mallorca

I leave you his testimony:

wedding photographers in Mallorca

As photographers that we are, it was very important for us to find a photographer for our wedding in Mallorca with whom we identified in style and sensitivity. When we entered their website and saw their wedding reports, we knew that we would be happy with their work. But it wasn’t just that… we loved the deal and more than how Javi became our friend.

It was great to be able to meet him for a meal a year before the wedding and at our welcome party the day before, as we got to know each other beforehand and I think that made his work much easier and helped us feel even more confident. .

“He is super committed and passionate about his work and that is felt both on the wedding day and in the end result. Thank you very much Javi !!! “

I would love to hear your story: