When Anais and Fredy decided that they wanted to have their winter wedding they were clear that it could be sunny, rainy or even snowy, but for them the important thing was to get their families and friends together to celebrate a party in style.

In the end it was a spectacular day. And since they did not want to spend a lot of time taking photos that day, since they preferred to be with their guests, they decided to do a post wedding.

As they are as adventurous as I am, I proposed to do their post wedding in the mountains, surrounded by snow, so they did not hesitate for a moment.

I was clear about the weather conditions I needed, so after reviewing the forecasts a thousand times and waiting for months for the ideal conditions, the day came when everything seemed to fit.

When we got to the chosen place the weather was perfect, cloudy skies, everything covered with snow and hardly any wind, the conditions we had been dreaming of for months.

The first thing I told them was that they had to enjoy the moment, forget about the routine a bit and connect thoroughly with nature. That there were very few days a year as good to take photos in the mountains as we had and that we were going to make the most of it.

Little by little we warmed up both physically and photographically and things began to flow. We laugh, we snowball each other and in the end we get some photos that they, like I, will remember for a lifetime.

Because in the end, the most important thing is to have fun, enjoy and the photos come out alone.

I want to thank Anais and Fredy for believing in my follies and collaborating with me to create these photos that I leave you below.

I’m sure that after seeing them you will surely want to have a winter wedding, right?

In case you are interested in seeing it, here we leave you a wedding in Asturias


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