Your wedding album

Why do you hesitate to make a wedding album? Don’t you love looking at your old family photos? Ok, I think I guess the answer

A wedding album is the best way to keep your wedding photos, remember the story of that great day and share it with your loved ones Imagine yourself in your living room surrounded by some friends while you turn the pages of the album and remember the story behind each photo.

Touching the paper and seeing the printed photos is not comparable to seeing them on a screen. Also, don’t you think that there are photos that are too important to be stored forever on a hard drive?

And what about your parents or grandparents? How will they enjoy these photos more? If you show it printed or on a screen.

To help you decide, I offer you 3 types of albums that fit all budgets and tastes. I want to design the album with you and not for you, because I want to get just the album that you have in your head.

My albums have linen covers and from there you can choose a lot of things:

  • The color of the linen on the cover and if you want the stamped name.
  • The classic binding or 180 degrees (the album does not sag in the middle like a normal book, which means that we print full page without losing any of the image)
  • Photo per page layout or custom layout (design by me to ensure all photos are in their right place and tell the story correctly)
  • Of you want box or not.
  • If you add parents albums or not

For me, a job is finished when it is printed and that is why the printing process of your album is very serious, since I want it to have the highest possible quality, that is why I work with Floricolor, one of the best labs in Europe.

One very important thing why I have chosen Floricolor as my lab is that, like me, it cares about the environment. Prints on paper comes from ecologically managed forests with an FSC guarantee seal and with heavy metal-free inks, in addition to packaging the albums with the least amount of waste possible. And that’s why my albums are accompanied by a guarantee certificate of being respectful with the environment.

In addition, using those papers and those inks in one of the most advanced printing machines of the moment, they ensure that it will not discolor or yellow and that it will last for many years so that future generations can enjoy it.

So since I suppose you’ve already decided that you want your wedding album, write me and we’ll talk about the steps to follow.


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